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because kaida yuki says so

iconcentration: my heart beats syncopation
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This community is devoted to caffeineaddict's icons. Also, probably, boipr0n. Everything Ri does is devoted to boipr0n. But don't worry, we'll only make you look at the icons.

:: WHO
caffeineaddict, n. Girl who is unwilling to look up proper dictionary formatting for the sake of a lame joke. Likes anime, manga, video games, boipr0n (see above), red Powerade, mass amounts of J-pop, and pretending she can sing when she really, really cannot. Also known as Ri, Ri-chan, or The Ri-lly Rimarkable Ri-chan. Prone to sudden fits of punning.

:: WHY
Boredom. It does wonders.

The name is from a terrible song sung by Kaida Yuki as Fuji Syusuke from the animanga Prince of Tennis. She wails, in her best "lol i'm a boooy" voice such inspiring lines as "CONCENTRAAAATION! THE BEST COMMUNICATION!" and then we all cry and world peace shrouds the world with love. Or I laugh. One or the other.

:: HOW
If you'd like to take an icon here, just comment and make sure to credit in the keywords, either to iconcentration or caffeineaddict. If you wouldn't like to take an icon here, feel free to send massive quanities of money in small, unmarked bills to Ri's dorm room. Either way, somebody wins.